Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Hoyt still calls this his home, even if he is technically living in Oklahoma. He has taken some more of his belongings with him this weekend, but I feel better about it knowing how much he loves me and can't wait until we can be together again. I am learning to accept that we are both suffering this together, and we need to do everything we can to keep moving. So, in regards to the song quote, it's Hoyt's job that says he can't go home.

This morning I did another financial plan, something I have been very good at compiling. If I can maintain a maximum miscellaneous spending budget of a hundred dollars or less, I can have all my debts paid off in six months. This is only possible with Hoyt's contribution. Unfortunately, with all the bills I racked up while he was unemployed, I cannot pull ahead with his monthly contributions. He said it was all right to continue sending money for six more months, which is far more than he needs to. Rent alone here is over seven hundred dollars though, and over eight hundred when adding in water and electricity. I have maintained it up until now, and the financial relief is welcome.

Without a car, I will be able to live more simply. I cannot just drive to the mall and buy buy buy. I am able to get my entertainment from library borrowing, and my apartment complex has a pool and fitness center. This helps considerably. I feel so much weight lift knowing I just cannot afford a car (at least for the next six months), and succumbing to the seven and a half mile bicycle ride combined with bus pass to carry me the additional ten miles to get to work every day. I just wish I had more time with Hoyt. The twenty eight hours we get for his ten hours of driving isn't enough, we both know, especially when most of the time he is running on empty and going on his twenty sixth hour awake (coming off a night shift).

I feel lucky to have such understanding coworkers; I have been slightly temperamental from the sordid mess. I feel bad for letting my personal problems affect my behavior at work and am making a strong effort to reconcile any offenses I may have caused for it. It is not like me, but it is totally like me to get flustered in such situations. *sigh* Still a lot of growing up to do. 🙂 I'll still enjoy ice cream, candy, stuffed animals, and anime for a while longer at least. Besides, having a birthday in less than a month doesn't make me older, it just makes me wiser. 😉 (Hee hee, the world can only hope…)