The troubles I weave…

Okay, so my subject line is a direct parodox of my poem entitled “The Dreams I Weave”… but dreams can be troublesome. 😉 Especially dreams of love… and all the troubles that love is invariably related to. But that is not what drew the limit. Rather, another clumsy mistake on my part that resulted in a not so professional newsletter release. Ugh, the pre-final was sent out instead of final, so some colors and the last sentence were left in prestine rough draftness… Bah. Humbug.

The past two weeks have been a real rollercoaster. With web design battles, handling the seven miles of cycling and reliance on a not so adequate transit system (in some crazy heat mind you, with temperatures on the rise), and the sordid business that has become my not-so-exciting birthday. And it is even on a Saturday! Aren't those supposed to be awesome? Crazy hyperness? Nah. Not this year. Again. Or the year before. This is becoming an unsightly trend… Argh!! I am holding together… I think… besides what could possibly be my worst birthday yet… I'm considering the curling up in a ball option at this point.

Ah well. But today I realized just how innovative and strong the content team is. We have people who are very innovative and are willing to try the new technologies, and a leader who is willing to allow us to do so and supports our initiatives. We're doing podcast and vodcast pilots. We have several productive blogs and are enhancing as many online tools as possible. Not only do we have innovation and follow-through, but everyone will help and finish each patron/staff request and question within the hour of it reaching us. I work with a phenomenal team that brings their own strengths, and I cannot wait to bring my own work to the table.