Pastwatch: the Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card

I had read the first book of Card's Ender series a few years ago, so I decided to pick this one up at the library. I was surprised by how plausible he made it, and how much history was tied in to make it seem like it may really have happened. This is one trait I absolutely loved about Marion Zimmer Bradley's writing (specifically Mists of Avalon and Firebrand). Realism is hard to come by in a good science fiction/fantasy book, but Card is able to make one feel as if they are reading a narrative of true events. He isn't just describing history, but through his main characters he discusses the birth of slavery, the origin of Atlantis, the flood stories, and what really destroyed the future of man among several other arguments his characters debate. I liked this book so much I probably would have bought it if I could afford doing so and could find it! I would venture to say this book is even better than his famed Ender series. An excellent book for someone interested in the past, future, and philosophical and historical debates about some of the most controversial topics of today. Or if you're a fan of Mr. Columbus, Card will remake him into a hero once again. Beautifully written. A must read, in my opinion.