Month: May 2006

Pastwatch: the Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card

I had read the first book of Card's Ender series a few years ago, so I decided to pick this one up at the library. I was surprised by how plausible he made it, and how much history was tied in to make it seem like it may really have happened. This is one trait I absolutely loved about Marion Zimmer Bradley's writing (specifically Mists of Avalon and Firebrand). Realism is hard to come by in a good science fiction/fantasy book, but Card is able to make one feel as if they are reading a narrative of true events. He isn't just describing history, but through his main characters he discusses the birth of slavery, the origin of Atlantis, the flood stories, and what really destroyed the future of man among several other arguments his characters debate. I liked this book so much I probably would have bought it if I could afford doing so and could find it! I would venture to say this book is even better than his famed Ender series. An excellent book for someone interested in the past, future, and philosophical and historical debates about some of the most controversial topics of today. Or if you're a fan of Mr. Columbus, Card will remake him into a hero once again. Beautifully written. A must read, in my opinion.

Gracious Generosity

Hoyt is now on the road to his first real adventure, in my opinion, since I wasn't with him for his last real adventure that turned out to be a flop. At least the flop led to us meeting, so it wasn't a complete loss. 🙂 Amidst my whining about my current misfortune of him moving, I realized just how lucky I really am. So many people have been kind to me, helping me overcome some of the less emotional obstacles that this is causing. I was looking into getting a mode of transportation, knowing I have absolutely no money, when my mom suggested I take her car and think about buying it from her. I have always liked Pontiacs, and this one is quite an improvement from my last one.

So I had to go north to get it. I was able to get a flight under three hundred dollars (believe me, that is really hurting me right now too), get a ride from the airport from my aunt who then let me take her car the rest of the way. I cannot express how terrible I felt for taking my mom's car, especially because I could only stay for a few hours before I packed up the car and drove a remarkable nine hours (only nine!!) back here. Prior to deciding on taking my mom's car, at least for a month or two, my coworkers were very supportive, offering to help me get to and from work, and even in offering a place to stay so I had company. I just cannot give up my place though, it is so peaceful. I want to invite my coworkers over for an evening, but I have never really been good at hosting. But I do have a grill, and a great sound system (thank to Hoyt leaving it behind, *whew*), so I am sure I could do something. At least a birthday party so I do not celebrate alone. That would be nice.

But overall, my parents, extended family, and new friends have supported me with this, and I love them all for it. It makes me feel better to know people do care or would not mind going a little out of their way to help me. Not like I am good at asking for help, but if ever I would need it. There is just too much to do to let something like this get in the way. Many projects and things to learn. Now I just have to figure out where to start…

Owl Exposed

Finally got a decent picture of our owl friend. He was perched atop a dead tree stump just outside the forest, and man did I take the opportunity to zoom in from the balcony as far as I could! That's not a lot of zoom, sadly enough, but it works for now. Enjoy!

All Alone Again

Well, I'm living alone again. Hoyt found out last week that he was moving to Oklahoma, and that he would start May 1st. And it wasn't until Thursday they contacted with information that he would go to Shreveport, LA first, for a week of training before moving to the middle-of-nowhere, Oklahoma. I cannot help but feel that my life will always be filled with me becoming attached to people who just won't stay in the same city, let alone the same state, as me. Hoyt did move with me to Kansas though, that's more than I can say for the others.

*sigh* So I drove him to the airport on Sunday; had to cancel our participation in the last concert performed by the Olathe Community Orchestra. I don't think the conductor will ever let us near them again… we've been so inconsistent in our attendance. I was really upset that he was leaving the day before my mom went in for surgery to remove multiple tumors. But she made it through just fine, and it sounds like they are making everything work okay.

To solve the transportation issue, as Hoyt will be taking the car this coming weekend to do his actual move, I had to find a new mode of transportation. A coworker graciously agreed to pick me up in the morning, but when I spoke with my parents, my mom urged me to borrow her car as she will be unable to do so for at least the next month. The catch to that is I have to fly up to get it and drive thirteen hours south to meet up with Hoyt before he leaves. And I do not have any vacation time… so this is going to be a tight weekend coming up. I had to purchase a ticket (ugh, more spending), and my aunt agreed to drive me up the rest of the way. It miraculously works out, let's just hope it actually goes according to plan… oy…

As for my mental health, I have had my ups and downs. I'm doing surprisingly well, I have a lot of projects to work on. I really do not like speaking with Hoyt on the phone though. With Hoyt, it's always been easier to be around him in person than speak on the phone. Some people are just like that. This situation is going to very hard on me in terms of the relationship, so I hope he understands we will not be where we left off, or should I say, when he decided he had to take a job over six freakin' hours away. Men can be quite stupid, but I cannot blame him for the salary he'll be making… I better get compensated for my loneliness though! I expect ice cream and fluffy things in spades!! Okay, maybe not, but it better be worth it.