Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain

This morning I had an encounter with an interest bug… it looked like one of those teeny red spiders except the body was white. The little critter was crawling across my keyboard at work and caught me completely off guard. Me being from Minnesota at first thought it was a variation of this little red harmless spider, but the white body screamed danger. Usually bugs that look pretty or have bright colors are visually warning creatures to stay away. Out of curiosity I looked up images of ticks and mites as well as chiggers. Now, I had never heard of a chigger before, but Hoyt's mom referred to it before moving to Kansas… totally freaked me out how they were described. Well, I think I may have seen my first chigger. I cannot even describe what they do… well, maybe a little. Essentially they secrete digestive enzymes on the skin so it can eat up skin cells. This will then form a tube that pretty much acts as a straw for the creepy thing to suck out as much of the digested skin until it is full at which point it leaves the host. That hole it leaves forms into a horribly itchy area that can consequently lead to infections.

Okay, that was quite descriptive… but dude, it's better to know thy enemy then let the skin get sucked right off you. No wonder why people get a little paranoid… I freaked out with ticks. At least you can see ticks. Chiggers (or mites, they look the same to me) are freakin' tiny! Remind me to like NEVER go into tall grass… or anywhere wild… scary…

Other than freaky little bugs, Hoyt got some good news today. He finally got a landlord to respond to his inquiry, so he took a look and ended up signing the lease and putting down the security deposit. He'll be moving in on June 1st. I am trying to convince him not to purchase any new furniture… he makes it seem so permanent! Not like we don't already have two whole apartments' worth of furniture and crap… now he wants to add more. *sigh* Have to get him to focus on bills first! :-p It's hard not to spend lots of money when you haven't had it for half a year! I love him anyway. 😉