Gracious Generosity

Hoyt is now on the road to his first real adventure, in my opinion, since I wasn't with him for his last real adventure that turned out to be a flop. At least the flop led to us meeting, so it wasn't a complete loss. 🙂 Amidst my whining about my current misfortune of him moving, I realized just how lucky I really am. So many people have been kind to me, helping me overcome some of the less emotional obstacles that this is causing. I was looking into getting a mode of transportation, knowing I have absolutely no money, when my mom suggested I take her car and think about buying it from her. I have always liked Pontiacs, and this one is quite an improvement from my last one.

So I had to go north to get it. I was able to get a flight under three hundred dollars (believe me, that is really hurting me right now too), get a ride from the airport from my aunt who then let me take her car the rest of the way. I cannot express how terrible I felt for taking my mom's car, especially because I could only stay for a few hours before I packed up the car and drove a remarkable nine hours (only nine!!) back here. Prior to deciding on taking my mom's car, at least for a month or two, my coworkers were very supportive, offering to help me get to and from work, and even in offering a place to stay so I had company. I just cannot give up my place though, it is so peaceful. I want to invite my coworkers over for an evening, but I have never really been good at hosting. But I do have a grill, and a great sound system (thank to Hoyt leaving it behind, *whew*), so I am sure I could do something. At least a birthday party so I do not celebrate alone. That would be nice.

But overall, my parents, extended family, and new friends have supported me with this, and I love them all for it. It makes me feel better to know people do care or would not mind going a little out of their way to help me. Not like I am good at asking for help, but if ever I would need it. There is just too much to do to let something like this get in the way. Many projects and things to learn. Now I just have to figure out where to start…