Words cannot express my complete lack of faith in my father. When my mom leaves after visiting me, she will be taking back the car that I paid so much money to fly up and drive back for nine hours to use in my time of need. Just to have my dad turn around and take it back within a month of me borrowing it. If he would have just looked into their other car and made the repairs it needed, or else determined its inability to get my mom where she needed to go, I would have never flown up there with the false sense of hope that I could prolong my transportation issue until I was financially stable enough to find my own solution. Out of their three children, I have been the most willing to help them in their time of need, and for them to do this… what did I honestly do to deserve this? I am so through with all of this. Hoyt said he would get his car back up to me, and I love him all the more for it. But I am sick of driving, tired of borrowing cars from people. He needs his car despite his best intentions. If I have to walk two miles to get to a bus stop, so be it. If I have to be so independent, then fine. And I was feeling pretty good today until then. Must go find my happy place, with butterflies and pretty flowers that don't have lots of scary little bugs on them. Especially the biting kind.