Month: April 2006

Living it Up

Life has been quite busy lately, I must say. This weekend we did a lot of things around the area, starting on Friday. We took a trip to Lawrence, where I spent copious amounts of money on Hoyt. He ended up getting a parking ticket because we forgot how long we had and happened to park only a block away from the courthouse… ooops… then we went a visiting that evening and played an interesting game of Trivial Pursuit's Pop Culture. Saturday saw us at the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, where we snapped a lot of pictures in hopes of contributing to the photo contest. After catching a bit too much sun doing that, we headed over to the Farmstead to see all the cute animals. Poor things are so domesticated now… but wow, what a popular place to be! Especially children! Sunday we went to Jazz Sunday at Hoyt's old church then followed up with a winning game at the Royals stadium. It was a lot of fun! And we ate a lot of food… oy vei did we eat a lot of food…

All of this while being sick. It feels as if I have a cold, some have said allergies with me being new to Kansas, but it seems more like a cold to me. On top of me being sick, my poor mother is going in for surgery in a week to remove multiple tumors… no word about cancer as well, but we can hope for the best. This has essentially postponed the trip to Germany, but both me and my brother understand ('tis a sad thing, *sigh*). My parents are busy finishing up renovations but doesn't look like it will be done before she goes out of commission. And unfortunately the medical problems that may incur from this surgery aren't the biggest concerns. With the renovations and my dad's clientele number plummeting, financial risks are much greater and damaging. My mom's built like a brick wall (not the Berlin Wall, more like the Great Wall and this surgery is just a silly marauding group of Mongolians to which the Chinese will rebuild that section of the wall… okay, I like Mongolians, but still), so I am sure she will have the will power to get through it. The money thing will be very stressful though, and may cause unecessary strain to her recovery. Scary…

A note about work… I finally got my first major project completed! See, this is where that being busy thing comes in again.. :-p Took me a while to get it to a reasonable application, but I now have created the KC Online Literary Map, my very first Rich Internet Application built in Flash. Yay! It doesn't work exactly how I hoped it would, but it's not bad for my first attempt. 🙂 Oh yeah… and my birthday is coming up!! Well, in a few months… but I already have a nice wish list going at Amazon. Check it out sometime, even if it's just to send me a secret admirer gift. 😉 lol Okay, that's a bit creepy… but you can take a look anyway. I haven't decided exactly what I am going to do for my birthday just yet, but it's on a Saturday! Yay!!

Hoyt has been offered and has accepted a job with the Kansas City Southern. While I am exuberant, I am also dismayed. The job is a great opportunity for him, starting off at 55k with full railroad benefits (golden) and in management. The problem is the location… is in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. So he's moving. And we don't know how soon. And apparently this is a lot more common than it seems. In the KC Star, the local newspaper, an article described our relationship almost to a T, stating this is happening all over the place. These couples tend to meet online, and then both get good jobs that are in two cities. It's hard to find two good jobs in the same town. I find this absolutely ridiculous and crude. What kind of an economy do we have where it is nearly impossible for us new agers to actually have LIVE-IN partners. I blame the government. But then, I tend to blame everyone else that isn't me. :-p Lonely life, here I come! It's not like I don't have a thousand and one things I could be doing… but it's going to be hard now that I am used to him. *sigh* Life has been busy.

Photography on display

That is correct, my artwork is now finally getting some public viewing time. However,that public viewing time happens to be on the Internet… but what better way for the world to see what I have created? It is taking me some time to enhance some of my photography, and I am trying very hard not to just go all out spending an entire day (or week) cleaning up some older photographs I have. I absolutely love finding out what others feel about my work, and desperately want some comments to find out if I am going in the right direction. I have been told that photography may be one of my bigger passions, ever since my brother sold me his old 2.0 megapixel Fujifilm (it is a good five plus years old). I cannot say how strongly I have wanted to purchase a slightly newer and more professional model…

My newer and more artistic photographs are now being posted to Deviant Art's website (http://kamuidestiny.deviantart.com/). My older photography still resides in its multiple places at http://photos.yahoo.com/littlesprite007/ and http://www.photobucket.com/albums/b352/KamuiDestiny/, but I will no longer be contributing to those sites and may take them down in the future to keep a better handle on my imagery. For now, please feel free to check out some of my latest “deviations” at http://kamuidestiny.deviantart.com. This past Easter weekend saw over 170 pictures taken at the Wichita Botanical Gardens (Botanica), so I hope to get some more lively flowery pictures up soon. 😀

Six Flags!!

Yesterday we went to Six Flags: St. Louis. It was a beautiful day, opening day for the theme park, and we got there an hour early, but just has the gates were opening for parking. I have to say that the first day a theme park opens (not the premier though) has to be the best time to go! It was sunny and warm, and not a lot of people. The longest wait was the last ride we went on, and it wasn't even worth the fifteen minutes. All the coasters took less than five minutes, and most we just stood at the gate for the next car to come by. I think my favorite was the Batman ride, we went on that first and second to last. I really enjoyed how smooth the Boss (I believe…) was, and a couple of the other rides. We even went on the slow rides like the train (of course) that went around the park and the Ferris Wheel. It's a fun little park!

We'll end up going again, probably to the ones in Oklahoma as they are the next closest (or maybe it's Greater America in Chicago area?). I say this with confidence as I bought season passes… I hope it was worth it! I am looking forward to going to a waterpark this summer though, it seems like it gets hot in Kansas! I love that Hoyt will go out and do things like this with me, even if I am paying for everything right now. Ugh… money… but oh so exciting!