What's up with the racquet?

Since our apartment complex has tennis and volleyball courts, I decided to become active in tennis. Hoyt used to play tennis quite a bit in high school, and he expressed interest in starting again when we saw it was available. So yesterday I went on a little shopping spree to get the necessary tools to play!

I actually did fairly well. Dick's had an okay selection, although the shoes they had on the web were not in store, *sigh*. And in fact, I had to get my shoes from the girls' section instead of women's… you know, it is a bit embarrassing when I have to resort to the girls' section of anything, but I do tend to fit into them as well. Pricing was a little better too, so I can't complain. lol Although Hoyt kept joking to the salesman that it made him feel like a pedophile… heh heh. This world just isn't kind to short people! But for just a little over a hundred dollars I was able to pick up a new pair of shoes, some pretty pink soccer socks, a very light tennis racquet (tres chic), and a tennis skort and shirt, both of the pink persuasion. 😉 Hoyt was definitely surprised that I would even think of wearing pink, but he thought it was so cute when I tried it on that he wouldn't let me try on the combo he picked out. He's so cute!

So we immediately headed over to the court. We are definitely both in need of some practice. Since I played softball for a number of years, I am used to really whacking the ball. I won't argue that the ball really flew a few times… but by the end of the hour we could volley it back and forth a couple times before losing control. Not bad! Now we'll have something to do when it is a little warmer out; the cold air really hurts my sensitive ears (or else we would have stayed out longer yesterday). So exciting! And once we get better, we could try doubles or something. Glad we finally found a healthy activity again.