Wedding Bells

There's definitely a wedding bug going around, and I have totally caught it. Hoyt and I have talked about marriage quite a bit, although we really can't foretell what his new job will do to the relationship. It has been stressing us both out quite a bit, and he keeps saying everything will be fine if he can get a job in like Chicago or another large city. It won't be, unfortunately, and the more I think about it, the more I really don't want to know.

I did find the perfect wedding dress though, at least for this particular possible marriage. Hoyt absolutely loves the 1920s flapper style, so I found a Old Hollywood styled dress at Emma Scott Design. Of course, price is a big problem, but that is the look! Location has been somewhat up in the air too. I thought it would be best to hold it in Madison or Minneapolis; a more centralized location for both of our families. My original idea was to have it at the Union Terrace because that was where we had our first date. Then for a honeymoon either Maccu Piccu or South Africa to ride the Blue Train up to Victoria Falls. *sigh* But everything depends on where Hoyt ends up working.

Until we find out (and probably discover he has to move) I need to focus on being happy with what I have. It's really hard to do when there's an 80% chance it's going bye-bye in less than a month. Phooey.