Cookierific ending

A follow-up on the cookie reviews… peace has been restored to the classroom! Today was actually a great day to give everyone cookies because they ended up going over a half an hour (and they usually get out an hour before, so it was technically an hour and a half longer than usual). Believe me, I sat in the parking lot for half an hour wondering what happened.

The cookies were a definite success though. Hoyt was given many compliments, and those who knew me asked him to give compliments directly to me. I'm just glad that everyone was able to get along after the incident from Friday. Made me feel a lot better despite the head aches. I am hoping tomorrow will be better than today, I could not focus at all and after a while I just started getting a little loony… funny in the head. As if that's any different than any other day, but it is usually not pain induced. I think a hot bath might help, and I am going to switch to my special pillow (it's missing the middle, a hole-y pillow, hee hee) to give a little more neck support at night. Thank goodness for the cold weather… Hoyt wanted to go out to play tennis again today. I need more rest! :-p

I have contacted my great-grand aunt and am now establishing contacts with the three (of seven) remaining great-grandaunts from my mother's side. I find it amusing all the women outlived the men in my family, and a somewhat ominous feeling that I might end up in the same situation. Speaking with women well into their 80s does call up thoughts of death and loneliness… I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared to live longer than my spouse, end up alone and waiting for my turn to die… although I also think I feel that way now, while I am still fairly young and cannot comprehend wanting everything to shove off. Elderly people seem more at peace with being alone or close to death, and I think that may be a security that is only earned with age. What a great merit badge: “You're a year older, you're that much more comfortable with death…” Wow, that's morbid. :-p In any case, I am glad they are still alive because I can find out about my ancestors from Germany. They have pictures too. Pictures are good. 🙂 So are cookies.