I'm back

It has been a long time since I posted last. I took several trips and had every intention of setting up some pictures and reviews of recent new eateries I have eaten at. A lack of enthusiasm to be on my computer after eight hours of working on a computer is a good excuse I think.

Today, however, I have too many thoughts in my head. In the past this has always been a good outlet for releasing some of the tension, so here goes. Just started a health program through my work, and now it seems that is all I am doing. Exercising. Or trying to. All I can think about now is how horribly unconditioned my body is and how much more I dislike it every day. Exercising is not helping my mental issue too, as exercise takes a very long time to take effect. Now with Hoyt in school again, doing something he's always enjoyed, I compete for attention with his homework. I mean, not that his railroad hobbies weren't hard enough to compete with, but now he HAS to do it. And after his six week training is over, he just let me know yesterday that he'll most likely have to move or at least go somewhere for minimum of fifteen weeks. I think that's a bit of a stretch on a relationship that is only going on six months in running. Not that I haven't done long distance relationships before, but I feel a lot better having the significant other actually present…

This whole situation also complicates to no end the transportation issue. Right now I can take his car and drop him off/pick him up at school and work in between. Once he leaves so does the car, and this place SUCKS for public transportation. So… how do I get to work in six weeks? And with the head librarian here very strict about dress code, cycling will not be easy. Cycling seven miles to work and then another seven back… And it isn't flat, they are rolling hills. I've discovered rolling hills suck a lot more than the normal hills found in the north. AND no bike trails go all the way to the library. I'll be on the sidewalks. So either run a mile in high heels to wave down a bus that drops me off half a mile away from work, cycle the entire way and change into appropriate clothing at work, or buy a new mode of transportation… oh, did I mention I have NO money. Yeah. Fun. I need a day off from life.