Hoot hoot

lol No, I may be from up north, but it is not in my normal vocabulary to hoot (aka “That was a hoot”). Actually, we've had an owl visitor in the woods a few feet from our apartment that has been very vociferous lately, and we cannot figure out what he is. Nor can we get close enough to take a picture without it looking like a piece of bark. He has a mighty wing span though, and resembles a Barred Owl (http://www.owlpages.com/owls.php?genus=Strix&species=varia). Since we're on the second floor, we get a pretty good view of him, it's awesome.

Despite the fact that the little Indian Creak wooded area by our place is quite narrow, we do see a bit of wildlife going through it. One morning I got up and watched five deer cross through it from my balcony. It was definitely a spectacle ot behold, seeing their natural movements and reactions to the joggers and cyclists on the path less than half a block away from them. We also see lots of rabbits that seem to find interest among our complexes buildings. And we can even grill just outside of the door, it's a great place to live! Too bad my workplace wasn't closer to it…