Union Cafe at Union Station

We stopped to eat a lunch/dinner meal at the Union Cafe at Union Station. Located in the magnificent grand foyer, the cafe is in a small reconstruction of the original ticket booth prior to the 1950s' “modernization”. The staff was extremely friendly and very aware of our needs, although this may be due to the fact we were the only customers at the time. I ordered a shrimp pesto pasta dish that turned out to be fairly good, worth the amount I paid for it. Hoyt ordered the BLTCA, a sandwich recently added last month, with a side order of fresh fruit. He seemed to enjoy it well enough, and the rest of mine (as I could never eat an entire plate of pasta). Dessert was aesthetically pleasant and tasty, a key lime tort that was quite delicious. Overall I wouldn't mind eating there again, we had absolutely no problems and the atmosphere is quite nice being inside the Station. For all the food and some iced tea, total came to 25 dollars for two people. I would say this is an in-between, not formal and uber expensive, yet nice enough to not be just a snack-and-go. One comment Hoyt made repeatedly is how large the tables are (across the booth-wise), probably to make sure no one had a column in the way of their view of the Union. I would have to agree.