Talk of the Town Grill and Bar

lol Another note: I have never seen a restaurant refer to itself as a “grill and bar”, it has always been “bar and grill”. It baffles me why in Kansas every restaurant switches them around, it just doesn't sound right! In all the places I have been, I have never seen it “grill and bar”. Weird…

We ended up eating at the Talk of the Town because Hoyt's brother and sister-in-law graciously gave us gift certificates for watching their dog, Porter. Just a regular weekday night, a Wednesday if I recall correctly, so it wasn't too busy. I ordered Fish and Chips that turned out to be really tasty and a lot more than I could eat. At first I thought it wasn't much because it only had two breaded fish pieces on the plate, but they were filling! I barely made it through one, and the fish was excellent. I had a root beer float with it, in a vintage root beer float glass. While a glass of soda was two dollars, refills were free so I forgave Hoyt for going over what the certificates covered. :-p Overall, it has a nice atmosphere, definitely a bar and grill, or grill and bar as Kansans seem to like it, and friendly waitresses. I would recommend this place, at least on a weekday as I couldn't imagine how it is very busy. Decent priced tasty food and not far from where I live. Great combination. 🙂