Mark Wood performance at the Shawnee Mission North High School

Note: I decided to expand my reviews further to envelope the spectrum of experiences I have in this new city. I will be including not only books, but also restaurants, performances, and exhibits. Carry on.

On our way to Union Station, we heard over the radio that Mark Wood, the violinist from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, would be performing at a local high school. The auditorium at the Shawnee Mission North is decent, and for it being a high school, I was impressed by the sound and lights they were able to program and use. Mark Wood displayed the power of his created instruments using primarily the Viper, a 7-string violin/guitar hybrid. He worked with the Kansas City Strolling Strings, a group of dedicated high school orchestra students from what I could tell, to give a very creative second half performance. I must say that I am amazed and moved by the efforts both by the school and Mark Wood in order to interact with high school students, hopefully making more active music learners out of the newer generations. I was impressed by the students' skill in accompanying Mr. Wood, and found the concert well worth the ticket price (I hope it goes towards the music program). He also gave us an opportunity to watch a premiere performance of the latest Pepsi commercial he stars in that will be used during the Superbowl. Wicked. 😉